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There are various types of relationships. Relations sincere, lie, real relationships, virtual relationships of love, platonic ... It is true that not all relationships are equal and conventional. Imagine a relationship between a man and a woman who meet by chance in a hotel. Just want to exchange pleasures and touch senses. They do not want commitments or feelings. Just feel the emotion of the other's body on a bed of any hotel. It is in this environment that explores this other form of relationship. Are you married? Have children? What drives them to share that moment together? They will be happy as well? How did you meet? Portuguese are? Because we speak only in English? Where the action? In Same Room Same Time, discovers how a relationship ends that never began.

Producer: Alexandre Cebrian Valente



Making Of


- Caminhos do Cinema Português – 2008
- Curtocircuito 5th International Short Film Festival 2008 (Mercado)
- Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand 2009 (Mercado)



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