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Producer, born at Lisbon in the year of 1968, has dozen of feature films  and  other projects throughout his career specially connected to the cinematographic world,where  he worked  as  production manage at several projects.
Alexandre is known for making possible out of the impossible in terms of  film production,  revolutionizing  the portuguese  film market, either in features filmes, but also publicities and videoclips.
He  has worked with  some  of  the most  prestigious  film  directors  and international  actors  such  as Manoel  de  Oliveira,  Jean  Claude  Biette, Andrzej Zulawski, José Fonseca e Costa, Raquel Freire, José Nascimento, João Botelho, José Álvaro de Morais, Pedro Costa, Tom Donnely, and Pilar Miro.
Alexandre also worked  for  the portuguese  television channel SIC, being executive producer of several TV shows and series, which brought him a widely experience and perspective on the art of creating images.
In the year of 2004, Alexandre created his own film company.
Em 2006, Alexandre Cebrian Valente was selected to represent Portugal as ‘Producer on the move’ at Cannes Film Festival.
In  just 4 years as an  independent producer, he conquererd the  lidership at portuguese TOP 10 BOX OFFICE CHART with the feature filme “O CRIME DO PADRE AMARO”, which is still the most seen movie of all time.
In total, Alexandre has 3 feature films at the  national TOP 10 BOX OFFICE CHART.
In 2010, Alexandre was honoured at the portuguese film festival “ENTRE MARGENS”, which dedicatd all festival programming to his cinematography.

Nowadays,  besides  production,  Alexandre  also  works  as  a  creative,  a  director  and  a scriptwriting



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